Alcohol Sclerosing Injections

Alcohol sclerosing injections are a conservative therapeutic approach for treating neuritis and painful nerve conditions, with neuromas being the most common indication.

These injections, also referred to as chemical neurolysis, employ a 4% dilute solution of ethyl alcohol. Alcohol sclerosing injections have proven to be an effective and reliable treatment option, consistently yielding a high success rate. The treatment regimen typically involves a series of six injections, spaced two weeks apart. During each session, a small quantity of specialized dehydrated alcohol is precisely injected into the area where the Morton's neuroma is situated. It may take between 3 to 7 injections to achieve complete relief. Besides their effectiveness in significantly improving or eliminating symptoms, alcohol sclerosing injections offer several key advantages, including a swift recovery, minimal downtime, and, notably, the ability to avoid surgery. This procedure presents fewer potential complications compared to surgical removal and boasts a reported success rate of up to 89%*.