Digital Orthosis Compound (DOC) Splint

DOC (Digital Orthosis Compound) is a versatile moldable silicone material that enables the rapid creation of various custom pressure relief devices. It is ideal for tasks such as aligning and offloading, as well as providing support, straightening, and cushioning for the toes.

DOC can be used in variety of conditions 

  • Custom Bunion Splint

    • It can be utilized to prevent toes from overlapping or riding underneath each other. Additionally, it is effective in aiding the straightening of toes and halting the further progression of a bunion, offering a flexible alternative to rigid bunion aligners.
  • Interdigital corns

    • DOC can effectively reduce pressure from toes rubbing against each other, particularly when wearing tight-fitting shoes.
  • Painful calluses/corns on tops of toes 

    • It can serve as a toe prop, elevating the toes to prevent them from making contact with the ground.
  • Painful calluses/corns on sides of toes

    • DOC can also be applied as a shield on the sides of both toes to prevent them from rubbing against each other, offering protection and comfort.
  • Hammer or clawed toes

    • DOC can play a role in maintaining the position of the toes and helping prevent the further progression of conditions like hammer or clawed toes.

Custom-made orthoses utilize a moldable material that rapidly hardens in minutes, offering a more flexible alternative to rigid toe braces or splints. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who do not experience the desired results with orthotics alone.

Benefits of using DOC 

  • Material can be washed with soap and water 
  • Can be worn while wearing shoes and socks