At Yonge Foot Clinic and Orthotics, you can expect a truly customized orthotic experience tailored to your unique needs and expectations. Our custom-made orthotics are designed to alleviate any foot pain by evenly distributing pressure throughout your entire foot. What sets us apart is that we handle both the prescription and dispensing of your custom orthotic and provide you with education on how the device will enhance your symptoms.

Our preferred method for crafting orthotics involves obtaining a 3D mold of your foot while it's in a non-weight bearing position. We utilize state-of-the-art laser scanning technology to achieve this 3D mold. In cases where our 3D scanner is not available, we create foot molds using plaster of Paris impressions. It's important to note that foam box and 2D standing laser scans, which capture your feet in a weight-bearing position, are inferior to this casting method, as it's often the weight-bearing position that causes discomfort for the patient.

Once the image of your feet is obtained, we collaborate with a top-tier lab located outside the province to craft your custom orthotic. Our goal is to create orthotics that are both effective and suitable for all your footwear.

At Yonge Foot Clinic and Orthotics, we specialize in tailoring orthotics to treat your symptoms, prevent future deformities, and seamlessly fit into your everyday shoes. We offer a variety of options, including soft or hard orthotics, made from materials like plastic or graphite, and in various thicknesses to best suit your lifestyle. We understand that orthotics need to be worn regularly to be effective, and the main reason for requiring a new pair is irregular usage, which can lead to a change in your foot size due to excessive splaying.

Please note that we don't have an on-site repair facility for orthotic adjustments. If you encounter any issues with your device, even after the break-in period, we simply re-scan your foot and create a new one. The quality of the foot image used in making the orthotic sets our devices apart in the industry. Additionally, our licensed chiropodists' prescriptions are integral to the success of our orthotic therapy. As both the prescriber and dispenser of your orthotic, we ensure that your orthotic is tailored to your specific medical condition. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, so if you're not completely satisfied, we'll remake your orthotic to your specifications, no questions asked. Moreover, the shell of your orthotic comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage – if it breaks, we will provide you with a new one.