Foot Mobilization Therapy

Foot Mobilization Therapy

We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of podiatric medicine, and this commitment distinguishes us from other foot clinics in Toronto. Among our latest treatment options is Foot Mobilization Therapy, a gentle manual therapy designed to address foot, ankle, knee, and low back pain.

Chronic pain often results from issues related to joint alignment and muscle weakness in the surrounding areas. Foot mobilization therapy focuses on realigning the joints and strengthening foot muscles. This process reduces stress on the surrounding soft tissue structures and, in turn, alleviates foot pain.

The relief of foot pain and associated symptoms through foot mobilization therapy can often be achieved without the need for medications, braces, or more invasive interventions such as surgery. It's essential to note that this treatment method differs from manipulations and does not involve forceful cracking of bones or joints.

Foot mobilization therapy can also complement the benefits of custom foot orthotics. By releasing pre-existing soft tissue restrictions, your foot is optimally prepared to accommodate your new orthotic.

To gain a deeper understanding of this technique, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our foot specialists or chiropodists.